Live your faith at St. Roman



We need your help!!!


Benefits in volunteering in our Faith Formation Program:

  1. FREE tuition for ONE child in our Faith Formation Program K-12
  2. Catechist & Catechist Assistant Faith Formation to gain Basic, Intermediate & Advance Certification in Religious Education.
  3. Enjoy been recognized on Catechetical Sunday.
  4. Yearly Appreciation Lunch.
  5. Membership in the National Society for Volunteer Catechist.
  6. A sense of true joy in serving the Lord and helping others know God.


All volunteers must take the Safeguarding All God’s Children class, sign a code of ethics and have a background check done.  The class is one time and the background check is done every five years.


Please fill out and give to Elizabeth Melendez-Jop as soon as possible you can leave in the Church Rectory 1710 W. Bolivar Ave.


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________________________


Phone Number: ___________________________


Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________


Name of Student in our Faith Formation Program: _____________________________________________

Click Here for the PDF Form  


I am willing to help with in the following ways:


____ K-8 Catechist (3 Sunday’s a month) grade preference: ______


____ K-8 Catechist Assistant (3 Sunday’s a month) grade preference: ___


____ K-8 Security for the premises (3 Sunday’s a month) opening classroom doors, monitoring hallways,   

        Monitoring main door *use of 2-way radios to communicate*


____ First Reconciliation/First Eucharist Catechist (3 Sunday’s a month)


____ High School Catechist (once a month) grade preference: _____


____ High School Small Group Leader (once a month) grade preference: ______


____ High School Service Projects and Retreats chaperone (8 times a year)


____ RCIA-Adult Formation Catechist (3 Sunday’s a month)


____ RCIA-Adult Team member (Ongoing)

        Helping the adults to partake in the parish life and serve as the Parish Sponsor


____ Pre-Baptism Preparation (Once a Month) Help to teach the pre-baptism classes to new couples baptizing their children and making them feel welcome in our parish