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Christian Formation Committee


Christian Formation Committee


The role of this committee is to develop within the parish awareness that the parish community has the responsibility for promoting the educational/formation aspect of the mission of the Church. Christian Formation is a lifelong process aimed at personal conversion and growth in faith. This committee is advisory to educational administrator(s) in the design, implementation and evaluation of the total Christian educational/formation programs in the parish, which include: sacramental preparation, adult and family ministry, youth and young adult ministry, parish school and child ministry.


If you are interested in being part of this committee, please contact Elizabeth Melendez in the parish office at 414-282-9063, ext. 14. Or via email at


Christian Formation Commission Dates


(Second Tuesday unless noted) Parish Office 2nd Floor


Summer/Fall 2018

August 14

October 9

December 11


Winter/Spring 2019

February 12

April 9

June 11