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9th & 10th Pre-Confirmation



Classes will happen twice a month, from 9:00am and finish with the 10:30am English mass the students will sign up for an internship  for the duration of the course and they will need to do 3 service opportunities in the parish. 


Both 9th and 10th grade participation is required to be confirmed in 11th grade.

For Public High School youth, this means coming to the classes, participating in service projects, participating in a one day retreat at Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally and Day of Reflection at St. John Bosco Youth Day in Holy Hill.   


For youth in Catholic High Schools, you will be required to attend our service project every other month, one day retreat and one day of reflection.  You will not be required to attend the regular classes.


9th, 10th & Confirmation Registration 2018-2019

9th & 10th Schedule 2018-2019